McCormick Endorsed by “Combat Veterans For Congress” PAC

PHILADELPHIA, PA. — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, was endorsed this week by the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC. 

“The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is endorsing the Hon. David H. McCormick, USMA’87… He understands the issues facing members of the U.S. Armed Forces, will always support military personnel, and will ensure that they are cared for while serving their country on active duty, as reservists, and in their retirement as Veterans… [McCormick] will bring to the U.S. Senate his experience in the private sector, in the public sector, his military skills, and common sense to better solve problems in government and represent the State of Pennsylvania and the Republic… We look forward to working with former Capt. McCormick and are pleased that a Combat Veteran of his caliber is running for the U.S. Senate,” said Co-Founder and Chairman Joseph R. John (Capt., USN (Ret.), USNA ’62).

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McCormick Sits Down with Fox 56’s Chuck Volpe

Talks Failure of Bidenomics, Casey’s Progressive Agenda & Embrace of the Defund the Police Movement  WILKES-BARRE, PA. — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, sat down with The Volpe Report in Wilkes-Barre for an in-depth interview. During the segment, McCormick discussed his race against Bob Casey and the […]

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Candidate visits county

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick made a campaign stop in Huntingdon County Friday morning. It was part of a tour he is making of about 12 farms across the commonwealth this spring to better understand agricultural issues.

McCormick, who grew up on a small farm near Bloomsburg, visited Wingert Farms in Porter Township, just outside of Alexandria.

McCormick is a combat veteran and business leader who seeks to bring new leadership to the Senate, and he recognizes the importance of the agricultural industry in the state’s economy and his campaign efforts.

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McCormick Checks In at Geno’s, McCormick and Casey Rake in Campaign Cash

If you’re running for office in Pennsylvania, you need to stop in South Philadelphia for a cheesesteak and to schmooze with the locals.

Republican Senate candidate Dave McCormick checked that box last week when he visited Geno’s Steaks accompanied by some Republican heavyweights.

In addition to talking with supporters, McCormick put on an apron and fried some steak.

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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick criticizes Sen. Bob Casey in local visit

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick ripped Sen. Bob Casey on Wednesday for squandering “an incredible opportunity” during decades of public service.

Standing in a workshop at AMP Global Strategies in Kingston Township, Luzerne County, McCormick pointed out Casey has served in government for 30 years, including 18 as a senator.

“And I challenge you to find a single thing … that Bob Casey has done for you, a single accomplishment of his leadership with 18 years in the Senate,” McCormick said.

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McCormick Joins Fox Business to Discuss Biden’s Open Border, Unleashing PA Energy and Confronting China

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, joined Kudlow on Fox Business today to discuss the ongoing border crisis, how fentanyl is taking the lives of Pennsylvanians, the need to unleash American energy, and how Democratic policies are making us more dependent on China. Watch the […]

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America must lead on cryptocurrency

Across my career at the intersection of national security and our economy, I have witnessed firsthand several game-changing technological revolutions. From GPS to the internet and from smartphones to artificial intelligence, our nation’s unmatched capacity to innovate has created unprecedented benefits for the economy and security.

Another wave is upon us: Blockchain and crypto offer America the chance to lead another generation of critical innovation, but policymakers must do their part, or this opportunity will slip away. If the Biden White House and Congress don’t provide the support and regulatory certainty this burgeoning industry requires, there is little doubt it will develop and thrive elsewhere.

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McCormick hits the mat with first ad in Pennsylvania Senate race

Republican David McCormick is launching one of the first general election Senate ads of 2024, with a biographical spot that focuses on the glory and grit of high school wrestling in Pennsylvania.

Why it matters: McCormick — who was pilloried by his 2022 GOP primary opponent for having been CEO of Connecticut-based Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds — is spending early to tell his Pennsylvania story on his terms.

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Whole Milk in Schools is a No-Brainer

After Philadelphia native Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in Hershey during an NBA game — a record that still hasn’t been topped — how did he celebrate? By chugging a carton of milk.

It’s an iconic photo and one of many sports moments involving dairy. Wilt, like so many other Pennsylvanians, grew up with a deep appreciation for the health benefits of milk.

Decades later, milk consumption has fallen dramatically. So where did all that enthusiasm for this classic American dairy product go?

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