Dave’s Keystone Agenda to Reclaim America

Ideas and leadership matters—and in this crucial moment, Washington is short on both.

Over the course of this campaign, Dave is laying out his Keystone Agenda to Reclaim America, outlining the most important challenges facing Pennsylvania and the nation and what we can do about them.

PART ONE: Ending China’s Free Ride with Six Bans

China poses the gravest threat to our security and well-being since the end of World War II, and our nation’s leaders — including career politicians like Senator Bob Casey — have gotten China wrong for more than two decades.

We are in a contest for our prosperity, our security, our values — our very way of life. If we lose, we sacrifice the future long-promised to my daughters and their children.

Casey has been in Washington since 2007 and has had every opportunity to exercise leadership on behalf of Pennsylvanians to address this significant and growing threat. Instead, he has been a rubber stamp for policies that have weakened America and made us more dependent on China.

Dave has a plan to fortify American military and economic strength, thwart China’s aggressive ambitions and protect the homeland through six bans to end China’s free ride.

Number 1: Ban illicit Chinese fentanyl ingredients and drug money from the Western Hemisphere.

Four thousand deadly overdoses in Pennsylvania each year is a tragedy and an outrage. We must not tolerate the flow of billions of dollars of fentanyl ingredients and laundered money from China. It’s time to use sanctions, intelligence resources, military interdictions at sea, and all other tools at our disposal to make it as difficult as possible for drug cartels to produce fentanyl with ingredients originating in China.

Number 2: Ban China from realizing the benefits of permanent normal trade relations.

Inviting China into the World Trade Organization gave China preferential access to the U.S. market, and instead of following the rules and meeting its free trade obligations, what did China do? They cheated, stole, and took advantage of weak American leaders. It’s time to get tough. Congress must revoke China’s permanent normal trade relations status, and the United States must advocate for China’s removal from the WTO.

Number 3: Ban energy policies that make us more dependent on China.

The Biden Administration’s green climate crusade is pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into things like electric vehicles and solar panels that make the U.S. even more dependent on China. It might as well be a direct transfer from Pennsylvanians’ bank accounts to the CCP. Being dependent on China for advanced energy technologies like lithium batteries and solar panels repeats the same mistake we made with semiconductors and pharmaceuticals.

Number 4: Ban any U.S. investment or trade that supports the CCP’s national security state.

American innovation, money, and hard work must no longer underwrite the CCP’s efforts to become the world’s leading superpower. It’s unconscionable to consider the possibility that U.S. dollars would fund a military buildup that could one day be deployed against Pennsylvania’s sons and daughters. We must now presume that Chinese companies seeking U.S. financing or technology will become partners to China’s military and security services—whether willingly or not. That’s why Congress must establish a clear outbound investment regime that cuts off U.S. investment in all technologies in China critical to national security and in those companies that work with the People’s Liberation Army. All publicly traded companies and investment funds should also disclose their investments and exposure in China in public filings.

Number 5: Remove China from the World Health Organization.

The recklessness of the Chinese Communist Party and its Wuhan Institute of Virology unleashed COVID-19 on the world. They then deprived the United States and our public health institutions of crucial warning to prepare for the pandemic, refused to provide transparency on its potential origin, and co-opted international organizations like the WHO to spread their COVID propaganda.

Number 6: Ban strategic purchases of American land by the CCP.

The pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine have made clear the importance of food security to our economy. Our nation’s farmers and ranchers give us the ability to feed ourselves and many countries around the world. That is a strategic asset and source of independence. We cannot ever allow that to change. All significant purchases of American land by Chinese nationals or companies, as well as purchases near military bases, and critical infrastructure should undergo a national security review. Dave will defend our agriculture industry and our homeland from the CCP.

Dave’s Keystone Agenda builds off his battle plan for renewal outlined in his book Superpower in Peril, which gives us a path to victory in three vital contests of our time: the races for talent, technology, and data supremacy.