Renewing America

On the campaign trail, Dave often references a set of policies outlined in his book, Superpower in Peril: A Battle Plan to Renew America. His ideas fit the unique moment in history in which we find ourselves, and give us a path to victory in three vital contests of our time: the races for talent, technology, and data supremacy.

The first part of the agenda is a talent strategy that revives and unlocks the courageous, entrepreneurial American spirit. We must reimagine how we educate people, through school choice; dramatically expand opportunities for workforce development; reform immigration to protect our sovereignty and serve the needs of Americans; and foster a sense of civic duty in each new generation.

Second is a strategy for technological leadership. Washington must take a more active role in promoting American innovation, using government policy to drive private sector capital towards technologies and sectors critical to America’s future. At the same time, Washington must cut the red tape and get out of the way of private citizens and firms trying to innovate.

The third and final piece is a strategy for winning the race for data leadership and getting Big Tech under control. It would protect Americans’ privacy and the public square, and it would put our country in a position to lead in the most dynamic and important industries of the future. We’re in a contest with China for dominance in the digital age, and this strategy lays out a path to victory.

If we began a campaign of national renewal, all citizens would receive a better start in life and a fairer shot at the American dream. We would win the race for technological development, triggering greater innovation and productivity growth and creating more well‐paying jobs. People would have the training and support they needed to flourish in those roles. We would all be freer to live, work, and dream, knowing our privacy was protected in our online world. We would usher in a new era of American leadership, and our nation would be more secure against the predations of the Chinese Communist Party. Our government would finally wake from its doldrums and start meeting the moment. Businesses, schools, and all other institutions would refocus on their core missions. Our nation would break out of the cycle of stagnation that mires us now. America would get moving again.

However, the national renewal agenda will not be possible without leadership to ensure the United States stands up for itself in the world, confronts China, builds new coalitions of willing partners, and reasserts leadership in this new era of geopolitical confrontation. And it will not be possible without leadership across the core institutions of American life to revive the American spirit – the restlessness that comes with liberty and the ambition born of access to the American dream.

These are some of the key ideas and principles Dave will champion in Washington as Pennsylvania’s next Senator. It is now time for us, as a country, to begin the hard work of renewal. It is time to heal the partisan wounds that have for too long divided our country. It is time for leaders to step up and for the men and women charged with the public trust to leave past grievances behind and lead America forward.

Our superpower is in peril, but with a battle plan for renewal, we can come back from the brink.

What Other People Are Saying

In Superpower in Peril, David McCormick answers the most important question of our time: How do we save America from the forces that want to tear it apart? This book is a must-read for all who care about the fight for our republic. Mark Levin Radio and Television Host
Superpower in Peril is a book to be read and discussed, but it is also a book to be implemented. It is up to us to ensure that David McCormick’s recommendations carry on beyond its pages, drive real change, and restore confidence in our ability to build a better future for generations of Americans to come. H.R. McMaster Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution & former U.S. National Security Advisor
Mr. McCormick speaks more convincingly on the pervasive sense among working-class Pennsylvanians that they’ve been, to use the popular phrase, left behind… He does project a normal-guy gregariousness that wouldn’t hurt him in a future run for office. Barton Swain in the Wall Street Journal
It’s a deep dive into his belief that the US is in need of renewal — what needs to happen to right the ship, especially at the intersection of technology, economics and national security. Salena Zito in the New York Post
Dave McCormick’s Superpower in Peril is a must-read for anyone trying to understand the most pressing issues of our time. Dave correctly asserts the need for American leadership that boldly and smartly confronts an expansionist China, bent on imposing its will and oppressive values on the free world. John Ratcliffe Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence