Meet Dina

Dina Powell McCormick is a loving wife and mom who has spent the last thirty years working as a senior public servant and a business leader. In her roles, she has focused on building programs that support female entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country and worked hard to provide access to opportunities for many women and families.

A Coptic Christian, Dina was born in Cairo, Egypt and immigrated to the US when she was a young girl, not speaking a word of English. She worked her way through college and emulated the grit and resilience of her parents, first in the United States Congress, then at the White House and the US Department of State under President Bush, and finally as Deputy National Security Advisor to President Trump.

An embodiment of the American Dream, Dina remains deeply passionate about solving the serious challenges facing our country and renewing America’s greatness. She believes deeply in the unmatched spirit of our great nation.