McCormick Statement on Biden’s Executive Order on the Border, Casey’s Failures

PITTSBURGH, PA. — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, released the following statement after Joe Biden released an executive order on the border:

If Joe Biden were serious about securing our border, he wouldn’t have eliminated the Trump policies — which were working — on his first day in office. 

Biden’s open borders are completely out of control, enabling the scourge of fentanyl killing Pennsylvanians, known terrorists coming into communities, spiraling expenses for taxpayers and immeasurable human exploitation and suffering — and Bob Casey has unequivocally rubber-stamped his approach every step of the way.

Career politician Bob Casey has voted: against the border wall, for mass amnesty, for sanctuary cities, against money to detect the fentanyl that’s killing Pennsylvanians, and against deporting criminal illegals.

Pennsylvanians deserve a Senator who will secure our border and keep them safe.


Before going to Washington, Bob Casey said“Anybody in Washington who goes around and puffs their chest up and says, ‘We’re going to be tough on the borders,’ if they’ve been there for several years or many years, they’ve got a lot of explaining to do.”

But Bob Casey has repeatedly supported open borders throughout his 18 years in Washington: 

McCormick visited the southern border last month.