McCormick Joins Fox News to Discuss Recent Visit to Southern Border, Iran’s Financing of Terrorism

‘What you see is a leadership failure that you just can’t believe’

PITTSBURGH, PA. — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, joined Fox News’s Fox and Friends to discuss his visit to the southern border this weekend as well as the death of Iranian President Raisi and Tehran’s financing of terrorism. While at the border, McCormick witnessed firsthand the impacts of Joe Biden and Bob Casey’s failure to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

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On the national security challenges Dave saw during his visit to the southern border

“I was in Yuma, Arizona… This is the second time I’ve been [to the border] in the last couple of years. What you see is a leadership failure that you just can’t believe… From a national security perspective — we had [over] 160 folks last year that were apprehended on the terrorist watch list… I’m on the border at 2 am and about 50 illegal migrants walk across the border. Just in that group that I saw, there’s five or six military-age men from Syria and a handful of Chinese nationals.”

On the tragic human exploitation happening at the border

“What’s happening here is an unbelievable crisis..from a human exploitation standpoint. The cartels…[are] in the human trafficking business and the number of young children and women that are human trafficked… It’s unbelievable. We visited a health center there [and] we visited with a nonprofit that deals with young families in distress. You cannot believe how these people are exploited. So we’ve got to secure the border.”

On how Joe Biden and Bob Casey’s failures have created this crisis

“[President Biden] has it within his executive authority to stop this mass migration into our country… He’s just failed to do that… We’ve got to get control of this. It’s an enormous national security challenge. If Joe Biden and Bob Casey really wanted to do something about the border, they would have done something years ago.”

On the death of Iranian President Raisi and Tehran’s financing of terrorism

“Following 2015 when President Obama, with Bob Casey’s support, did the deal with Iran, Iran has doubled down on being a sponsor of terrorism… all this terror that’s happening is not just focused on Israel, it’s focused on the West… And unfortunately, the reason they’re able to do that is because of the [Iran] deal.”