McCormick Joins Fox News to Discuss His Senate Race & Bob Casey Shirking Responsibility for the Cost of Living

PHILADELPHIA, PA. — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, joined Fox News’s Ingraham Angle to discuss his race against career politician Bob Casey, Casey shirking responsibility for the inflation he created, and the need for new leadership.

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On Dave’s race against career politician Bob Casey

“I’m running against a career politician, Senator Do Nothing… I think people are seeing in me, a seventh-generation Pennsylvanian, a guy who went to West Point, served in combat, created jobs in Pennsylvania, and someone who’s an outsider and is going to bring about change.”

On Casey shirking responsibility for the inflation he created

“What an incredible misnomer. This inflation…is the direct result of the excessive spending — $6 trillion by Joe Biden. Bob Casey voted for every single spending bill and the war on oil and gas… Casey waved his hands and said, we’re going to fix inflation. [Yet] here he acknowledges in a meeting, where he doesn’t know he’s being taped, that he has no plan for reducing prices. I have a plan. We as Republicans have a plan which is [to] reduce spending and unlock oil and gas. Casey and Biden have no answer.”

On the need for new leadership

“You will not see an example of Bob Casey sticking his head up and showing leadership on anything… And at a time when the country is in crisis, and Pennsylvania is in crisis, we need leadership. Bob’s not shown it. He’s a follower.”