Casey Shirks Blame on Inflation: ‘Impossible’ to ‘Bring These Prices Down’  

Casey admits he won’t do anything to cut the inflation he created

PHILADELPHIA, PA. — The Dave McCormick for Senate campaign released a new digital ad this week calling out Bob Casey’s recent confession that it’s “impossible” to “bring these prices down.” Casey and Joe Biden told voters a very different story when they rammed their pricey “Inflation Reduction Act” through Congress.

“Bob Casey and Joe Biden promised voters their over $1 trillion spending package would lower prices. Their plan backfired. Now Casey is dismissing his culpability by shrugging his shoulders and telling Pennsylvanians he can’t do anything to reduce the inflation he created. Shameful,” said Elizabeth Gregory, McCormick for Senate communications director. 

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Casey in 2024:

I’m not proposing that we’re going to be able to bring these prices down. That’s impossible.

Casey and Biden in 2022: 

Casey: So after we pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which will reduce inflation.

Biden: It’s a bill that will cut your cost of living and reduce inflation. 

Casey: It lowers costs for families. 

Biden: It’s going to reduce the cost of everything. 

Casey: It will in fact lower the cost of energy.

Biden: This law will cut costs for families, help reduce inflation at the kitchen table.

Casey: It’ll fight inflation.

Casey: When you consider the issue of inflation, only one party has done something about it. The Democratic Party. Only one party.  

So much for that.