McCormick Officially Becomes Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH, PA. — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, tonight officially became the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. 

“We are so grateful for you. We are so honored to be your nominee,” said McCormick.

“Pennsylvania deserves better than Bob Casey. At every place where he could have been a leader, he’s been a follower. At every moment where he could have been independent, he was compliant. At every point where he could have looked to the future, he’s looked to the past. And this is a time, my friends, this is a time where we need leaders.” 

“I am absolutely convinced that with your help and God’s grace we’re going to win this election and change the country,” McCormick concluded. “Thank you and God bless you!” 

Click here or below to watch Dave’s remarks.