McCormick Sits Down with “This Week In Pennsylvania”

Talks Career Politician Bob Casey’s Failure to Lead, Bidenomics, the Border, and Being Called to Serve

HARRISBURG, PA. — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, joined This Week in Pennsylvania for an in-depth interview. During the segment, McCormick discussed career politician Bob Casey’s radical positions and refusal to take a stand on behalf of the Commonwealth, the failures of Bidenomics, the disaster at the border, and being called to serve.

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On how Career Politician Bob Casey is failing Pennsylvanians

“The country is in deep trouble economically, from a national security perspective, the border, the challenges abroad, spiritually — what’s happening on our campuses. So we are in trouble as a country and I’m a seventh-generation Pennsylvanian… someone who’s gone to West Point, served in the military, created jobs in Pennsylvania… Bob Casey is as you say  — 30 years in public office, 18 years in the Senate, 98% of the time voted with Joe Biden, and has voted for the excessive spending that’s led to inflation, the war on fossil fuels, open border policies, and he’s out of touch. And I can tell you this because I go across our Commonwealth — [he’s] out of touch with the needs of Pennsylvanians.”

On why Bob Casey and Bidenomics are responsible for a failing economy 

Bidenomics, which Bob Casey has supported every step of the way, has been terrible for Pennsylvanians. 60% of Pennsylvanians live paycheck to paycheck. For them, prices have gone up 20%. And wages have gone up 14 or 15%. So they’re getting squeezed on food, fuel, and rent. And that’s a direct consequence of this enormous spending — Republicans and Democrats alike have been spending too much money for decades. But under Joe Biden, it has been a hockey stick. And the war on energy has driven up fuel prices, which is driving inflation.”

On Joe Biden & Bob Casey’s open border policies and what Dave would do to fix it

“Listen, if we had all sat in a room here on the day that Joe Biden took office and said, how bad could it get? We never would have imagined it could have gotten this bad. 10 million illegal migrants. 160 people last year that were on the terrorist watch list that were apprehended. 4,000 fentanyl deaths directly tied to the border. This is a crisis of epic proportion. And Bob Casey has been responsible every step of the way. He’s voted against border funding.

“The most important thing [we need to do] is apply the executive orders that President Trump used that Biden could use to close the border. Number two, and this is controversial — I would use the military very selectively to go after the cartels in Mexico… This is an enormous national security threat.”

On being called to serve again

“I believe in America. I’ve served my country on multiple occasions in the past. I think we’re in trouble. And I believe that when elected to the Senate, I can do something about it. So I think these are small sacrifices compared to what so many before us have made and I’m honored to do it.”