McCormick Joins Fox Business to Discuss Biden’s Open Border, Unleashing PA Energy and Confronting China

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and Pennsylvania job creator who served in the highest levels of government, joined Kudlow on Fox Business today to discuss the ongoing border crisis, how fentanyl is taking the lives of Pennsylvanians, the need to unleash American energy, and how Democratic policies are making us more dependent on China.

Watch the full interview below.

On how Biden’s open border policies are devastating the commonwealth

“The border is motivating people in a way you can’t believe and it’s for obvious reasons. Number one, it’s a national security threat. Ten million illegal immigrants coming across [since Biden took office], [over] 160 on the terrorist watch list [last fiscal year]… but the fentanyl is destroying huge parts of Pennsylvania… This is a huge deal, and Pennsylvanians are feeling it.”

On the need to unleash Pennsylvania’s energy

“[Pennsylvania] is the 4th largest natural gas reserve in the world. [But] we can’t get that gas out of the ground. And if we get it out of the ground, we can’t move it because we can’t get permits for our pipelines. And we also don’t have an offshore port, where we can export it to the world. This is… one of the areas where Biden’s policies are so upside down. If you think about developing and exporting our natural gas, it’s great for our national security… it’s great for our economy — it creates all these great jobs in Pennsylvania and across America. And it’s great for the environment because that natural gas replaces coal-fired plants in India and China.”

On Democrats’ misguided green energy mandates and how they’re making us more reliant on China

The trillions of dollars going into EVs and everything else is absolutely not only driving inflation, it’s distorting the economy. It’s driving consumers away from fossil fuels, it’s creating a huge arbitrage for solar panels against farmland… But the key thing is it’s making us more dependent on China [for] lithium batteries and solar panels… The biggest strategic miscalculation of the Biden administration was making us more dependent on China at a time when China is more of an adversary than ever.”

On TikTok and the need to tackle the data flow problem with China

“I support the bill to have ByteDance divest TikTok for American ownership… We have not been assured by our intelligence community that that algorithm isn’t in the hands of the Chinese or they can’t get access to it… And unfortunately, this isn’t just TikTok. We have a huge data flow problem where our data is going to China from across social media platforms. It’s a huge national security [threat].”

Reminder: McCormick unveiled a plan to China’s end free ride as part of his Keystone Agenda to reclaim America.