McCormick Brings in Groundbreaking $6.4 Million in Fourth Quarter 

PITTSBURGH, PENN. — Dave McCormick raised $5.4 million from over 15,000 individual donors and invested an additional one million dollars in his first quarter as a 2024 Senate candidate, making for a groundbreaking haul. McCormick’s quarter beats any of Bob Casey’s fundraising quarters in 18 years and is among the largest first quarters ever for a Republican challenger.

The $6.4 million total includes contributions to both Friends of Dave McCormick, the campaign committee, and Team McCormick, the joint fundraising committee, as well as a $1 million personal investment from McCormick. This historic $5.4 million raise shows the strength of McCormick’s campaign and why Pennsylvania has emerged with Montana and Ohio as the three keys to a Republican Senate majority. 

Pennsylvanians from every one of the commonwealth’s 67 counties contributed to the McCormick campaign. He’s earned the support of voters across the ideological spectrum, including over five hundred registered Democrats.

“Dave McCormick has earned the support of Pennsylvanians from all walks of life because they believe he is the kind of leader who can address the burden of inflation on working families, push for a secure border, and protect the security of Americans at home and abroad,” said campaign manager Matt Gruda. “A seventh-generation Pennsylvanian, West Point graduate, and Pennsylvania job creator, Dave is exactly the kind of candidate who can beat Bob Casey in November, shake up Washington, and get this country back on track from the failed policies of Joe Biden.”