Get Dave on the Ballot

Get a copy of the petition for your county here and help Dave become your next U.S. Senator:

The Pennsylvania Election Code requires us to file no less than 2,000 signatures. Signatures must be of qualified Republican electors.

IMPORTANT: When printing petitions, they must be double-sided and face the proper direction. Please make sure the backside is not printed upside down. Do not tape or staple two pieces of paper together. These printing errors may cause your petitions to be invalid.

Please make sure you read through the instructions document to familiarize yourself with how to correctly fill out and circulate the petition.

To ensure your petitions are received in time and properly filed with the Department of State, we ask that your Dave McCormick petitions be returned to us no later than Thursday, February 8th. You will find the mailing address below.

Friends of Dave McCormick
P.O. Box 23537
Pittsburgh, PA 15222