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For Immediate Release: April 26, 2022
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Fact-Checking Mehmet Oz’s Phony Statements and Hollywood Liberal Record

HARRISBURG, PA - Hollywood liberal Mehmet Oz continues to lie about his Extreme Left public policy positions, and refused to answer the concerns voters across the Commonwealth have about his record. It could not be more clear Oz is a phony who will read whatever script is put in front of him to win an election in a state he’s not even from. Mehmet Oz is aligned with the Hollywood left, not Pennsylvania. We cannot trust him.

During tonight’s PA GOP Senate primary debate, Oz again either lied or refused to answer for his Hollywood liberal record.

When asked about Oz’s television show promoting transgender procedures for children as young as 8 years old, Oz responded that he stated “I showed views that need to be expressed on network television.”

Oz has a strong history promoting transgender transitions and ideology for children and tonight he doubled down on that position:

Mehmet Oz said during COVID we “witnessed a top down authoritarian control from the government” and that “Anthony Fauci should be fired.” When asked if he had changed his position from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to now he flatly said “No.”

If his position hasn’t changed that must mean he still believes the following:

Mehmet Oz said we must protect the “2nd amendment to protect all of our amendments.”

The facts are:

Mehmet Oz said “There’s no evidence that I’m not pro-life.”

The facts are:

  • Oz is said he is, “not socially conservative. … we should not be creating obstacles during the difficult time that women have when trying to terminate a pregnancy.”
  • Oz defended Roe v. Wade as a measure that prevents coat hanger abortions, said that he did not “want to interfere” with a woman’s ability to abort her baby, and suggested that pro-life laws would make businesses leave red states.

Mehmet Oz said he understands “how to unlock our energy sector” will “support Pennsylvania energy” and criticized the Democrats’ Green New Deal.

The facts are:

Oz said we must “protect the borders” and when pressed about his ownership in a company that knowingly hired illegal immigrants and received the largest fine in ICE history, Oz stated he has “No management role at all of Asplundh.”

The facts are:

  • Oz made money from his family company, Asplundh Tree Service, while running for U.S. Senate that paid the largest fine in ICE history for conspiring to hire and retain illegal immigrants over American workers.  

  • Oz supported amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants while saying any immigration reform should not penalize dreamers.  
  • Oz served as spokesman for the California Endowment’s healthcare initiative, the same group that pushed for government insurance for illegal immigrants.

Mehmet Oz continues to attack Dave on his experience standing up to China.

When the facts show:

  • Oz criticized Trump’s tough-on-China approach in an interview on Chinese state TV and said, “I love working in China.”
  • Oz made his fortune working with the Chinese government to broadcast and film his TV show in China.
  • Oz was paid over $50 million by USANA/BabyCare, a health company that manufactures products in China.
  • Oz co-authored a book, Yin Yang You, with a Chinese professor Analong Xu, to promote traditional Chinese medicine, a key tenant of the CCP’s communist propaganda worldwide.
  • Oz praised Xi for promoting Chinese Traditional Medicine.
  • Oz worked in a Chinese military hospital.
  • Oz has financial ties to Remark Holdings, an artificial intelligence company providing surveillance technologies to the Chinese government.